September 2022 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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Worthy Brothers,

August is usually a quieter month. We had our basketball camp. Thank you, Nick Wake. There was also the back-to-school BBQ. Many hotdogs were served. All are looking forward to another school year. With any luck, there are recruiting opportunities from this. Of course, we had the usual Rosary opportunities. There is ongoing work to clean up McGivney and preparing for Nativity Set construction to resume. Our council also had a Feed My Starving Children event. Thank you to all who came out.

The council partnered with our local police to support Special Olympics through their cop on a rooftop event. If I heard right, they raised about $8k. We also had an adopt-a-highway and painted the church music room. We held our regularly scheduled Blood Drive. If you do not donate, you should consider it. Oh, let’s not forget the hammer open that grossed about $12k before expenses.

Ok, I guess August was just as busy as every other month.

Welcome to September!

A few highlights of the weeks to come. Prepare for Octoberfest. Come help if you can. Come eat, drink and celebrate with the parish. It is always a fun event. The ID drive is a great fundraiser towards the end of the month. We will then round out the month with the men’s fall retreat taking us into October.

I have not had the opportunity to meet our new priests but please give them a warm welcome from the Knights as the opportunity allows.

I look forward to a productive month and finishing out the year strong. Participate where and when you can. Remember, we live by our membership.

Vivat Jesus

Kevin Fitzgerald