September 2019 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

Brother Knights!

Brothers, is it enough? Is it enough to say, “We are Knights of Columbus?” In the Gospel we hear of the people who come to hear Jesus speak. And they listen and nod and say “Amen!” and “You go, Jesus!” And then they ask him
“We’re all good here now, right?” But Jesus tells them, “Strive to enter through the narrow gate.”

Jesus tells us our lives here on Earth shouldn’t just be “good enough for Government work.” Heaven isn’t a participation trophy, exactly like everyone else’s – win or lose. Jesus tells us to strive, to do more. And then even more.

If you’re proud to be a Knight – and you should be – strive to do more. When you joined you probably thought this will be a great way to do more, to help others, to do charitable works. Then Life probably got in the way. Well, c’mon, man! This isn’t that hard. Get involved in little things, like Feed My Starving Children, that is so rewarding – and a great family
activity! Then maybe something else, like our ID Drive (Tootsie Rolls). All you have to do is stand there in front of Einstein’s Bagels, smile, say good morning to your neighbors, maybe open the door for them. God will do the rest. Maybe for an hour, once a year. Maybe two hours. And bring the family too. You’ll be raising money to support local groups, working to help God’s Children with Intellectual Disabilities. And maybe learning something about the
generosity of your neighbors.

This doesn’t have to be Sisyphean – we just played golf and had a delicious dinner at the Hammer open and raised thousands for worthy charities – how tough was that? We grilled hot dogs for the families returning for the start of the school year. Ran a basketball camp for young boys and girls. Missed those? The ID drive is coming up. The Octoberfest
school fundraiser is ahead. Our raffle supporting religious vocations needs to sell chances to win big! You are “us.” You’re part of one of the most successful councils in the Midwest. But the most rewarding part of being a Knight isn’t paying our modest dues once a year, it’s striving to be active in our good works for others, and communion with your Brother Knights. And it might just smear a little grease on the sides of that narrow gate.

Vivat Jesus!

Chris Burns