November 2019 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

Brother Knights!

In the first Sunday Gospel for November, we learn of Zacchaeus. As a tax collector, he had made himself rich by stealing from the people, and lived lavishly in a big home, garbed in the fine robes. When Jesus came to his town, the crowds prevented him from getting a glimpse of the great holy man that he’d heard of. As a powerful man, he couldn’t speak with Jesus – he
couldn’t even see him.

So, he climbed a tree to lift himself above the throng, just to see the Holy Man. Immediately, Jesus saw him and called to him by name. “Zacchaeus! Climb down, for I must stay at your house tonight!” Jesus knew Zacchaeus. It seems he was looking for him! But, being “vertically challenged” as we might say, Zacchaeus couldn’t see Jesus, and Jesus couldn’t see him.

Zacchaeus didn’t order his servants to clear him a path or lift him up on a pallet so he could see. Like a humble peasant boy, he climbed a tree! When Jesus called him down and told him He would live in his house, Zacchaeus immediately swore that all the evil he had done he would undo, and make amends with those he had slighted, and follow God’s teaching. And
he was saved.

Most of us in the Council are living a blessed life, if not as lavish as Zacchaeus. Yet we strive to see Jesus and be seen by Him. We are surrounded by the worldly things that get in the way. We must rise above everything for Jesus face to shine into our own.

Good Works and Charity can be our tree that we can humbly climb to be seen, so that Jesus can live with us. The Knights can provide the opportunity with the many trees we’ve planted in our many charitable activities. But we need people to tend them in order to continue to grow and lift us higher above the things that block us from God’s sight. And we’re constantly looking for new ideas, new trees to plant and grow. Come join us to tend our trees. Pick a charitable activity and get active!

And speaking of Trees, November begins a busy time for us. One of our biggest charitable fund raisers is our Tree Lot. On November 23, we gather early in the morning to assemble our Tree Lot with tree racks, lighting, and fencing. This is a project that needs lots of hands to make the work go quickly. We must assemble the lot in the morning, so when the truck arrives that day with our trees, we can unload it and be prepared for the next Friday when we open for business. Men with tools! Come on and join us – be a lumberjack for a day (the trees are already cut and baled for us).

And when we open, we need men to tend the Lot. Come for a few hours, or more, during the week or on the weekend. It’s a happy place, and our customers are happy to buy from us when they realize their money is going to support charities.

And on Thanksgiving, we provide a wonderful homecooked meal and a home-like welcome to the sailors who’ve committed to serve our nation. See our article inside.

Get Active!

Vivat Jesus!

Chris Burns