November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

As a teenager, I thought that I was above reciting the phrase “It is right to give Him thanks and praise.” Why I thought, doesn’t God know that I am the one responsible for my success and good fortune. Doesn’t He know who I am? How silly, right?

Maybe, but do we all do this to some extent as adults? Are we giving thanks to God for all the good things in our life, or just the major ones? That promotion at work, was it really all you? Getting to and from the store safely, was it really your great driving skill? Is your good health really because of your diet and exercise regime? It goes on and on and we need to remember that God is watching over us in every aspect of our lives and we need to loudly proclaim and give Him thanks and praise every day.

Although October may not have been our busiest of months we still had many successful events. Thank you to Warren and Regina Coler and Mark Halper for the efforts in organizing and running the major degree. We even had a guest from Supreme who gave our own degree team kudos for the great job they did.

Thank you to Dan Kotleba and Kevin Fitzgerald for speaking to the Gather families as we continue to recruit new members for our council. We still have one more degree this year and we need to grow our ranks so please reach out and bring a recruit.

Lastly, thank you to Scott Shepherd and his committee who put on another successful blood drive. These are a lot of work and a lot of hours but so important and their efforts are very much appreciated.

We had a couple of Knights meet with immovable objects this past month and they have the injuries to prove it. Please keep John and Wayne in your prayers as they mend.

On November 5, we have two big events. First after each morning Mass we will participate in the church’s ministry fair. We could use some help manning the table and speaking to prospective new Knights. Please let me know if you could take an hour and help.

Later that day is one of our most important events, the Deceased Brothers Mass. Once again, we will celebrate with the parish at 4:30 and then have our ceremony. We will complete the event with a dinner open to all Knights and their families. Please reach out to Chris Burns if you can attend and help.

Once again, we are planning to host the Navy for Adopt a Sailor on Thanksgiving. To take care of the cadets requires and lot of help before and during the event. Please consider getting involved as a Knight and with your family to plan, cook, serve, clean and just be with these cadets and celebrate with them. Please contact Tom McCabe or Chris Hubbuch if you can help.

SK Warren Coler received a well-deserved promotion at work and although great for his family it means he must step down as our membership director. Anyone interested in this role please reach out to me.

Go forth and give thanks and praise to God. YBIC

Vivat Jesus

Christopher Hubbuch