May 2020 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

Brother Knights!

Brothers, it’s no news in this May Newsletter that these are trying times. Friends, relatives, neighbors, and some of our own Brothers have found themselves furloughed, laid off, reduced to limited hours. We’re under virtual House Arrest – without arraignment, trial, or conviction. What the…? Nothing is normal. This past weekend we said our final farewell to Brother Larry Majewski with as much dignity as we could muster under current rules at Willow Funeral Home. A strange sight with masked mourners and family standing out of arms reach of each other – although I’ll confess to a few hugs. But we were grateful to be able to pay our last respects to a wonderful friend and Knight.

We’re figuring out a few things now, as this obviously isn’t going to pass anytime soon. We’re planning to have a regular meeting next month, probably through Zoom. We’ll be voting on a new slate of officers for the Fraternal year 2020 [see our Slate published below].

We’ve had some good ideas for some Coronavirus-Era activities. We’re working on providing some Thankyou meals for our First Responders, working with SVDP on their Food Truck, possibly delivering some facemasks to people in need to our community. We plan to place flags on gravesites before Memorial Day Weekend as we have in the past. We’re looking into a virtual Trivia night, just for fun. We will be attending the State Convention this month – virtually.

The Knights just held our first Sunday morning Rosary at 8:40 before the 9:00 Mass via the parish Facebook page. It was uplifting to see that at least 175 parishioners come together to pray the Rosary and celebrate Mass. Please spread the word!

I know most of our Knights are itching to do some great things for the Parish and Community. I know there are some really good ideas floating around out there. If you’ve been thinking of something, please contact me, or one of the other officers.

Let’s keep working together. Let’s keep our sense of perspective. Let’s keep our sense of humor.

Vivat Jesus!

Chris Burns

GK Council 11091