March 2021 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:


The Bishop changed the CV guidance in late January and you guys stepped up your game another notch in February. We did in-person general and officer meetings, an inperson degree with all 3 priests moving up to the 3rd degree and 3 new Knights added to our council, a blood drive, another outdoor rosary, and started our fish fry season. Also, we continue to sell magnets, help those in need, raise money via poker and sports mania, hold dine-and-shares, develop new fundraising methods including helping you get your wife and/or mother a Mother’s Day gift, support our seminarians, advance Brothers to the Fourth Degree (Saturday, 3/6 is the next one), and support ProLife efforts. 

We have more things in the works including starting the nativity expansion project now that the weather is breaking and the temperature in McGivney is acceptable for work, working on plans for an anniversary dinner in April (Saturday, 4/24 – save the date), plans for new grilling techniques for summer tailgates, and plans for the fall retreat. All of this is going on while we Catholics are rededicating ourselves to our Faith during the season of Lent

I would like to make a personal appeal to you all to help at our fish fries this month. The public has spoken and came out in droves for our first ever takeout fish fry event. We were overwhelmed with the support, but we need to do better on the execution. The committee has identified the issues in the process and have plans in place to eliminate the delays BUT we need to your help to execute on it. 

Supreme has provided new guidance on streamlining our meeting. I have been delinquent in incorporating that into our meetings recently but will be starting this with the March general meeting this week

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Vivat Jesus! Dave Frendreiss GK Council 11091