March 2019 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:


With Lent approaching, we each consider what we should do, or what we should do without, between Ash Wednesday and Easter. As an alternative to giving something up for forty days, then returning to our pre-Lenten ways, why not consider adding something that will take hold and stay with us for the rest of our lives, since Lent is about change/conversion. Sister Janet Schaeffler reminds us that real penance is to live life well, to be the mercy and peace of God toward others. Later in the newsletter is a list of 10 ideas for Lent, courtesy of Sister Schaeffler. Perhaps you might consider one or two of these ideas in place of, or in addition to, your Lenten commitment.

We held the District level of the Free Throw Competition this month. For this round, brother Knights from other local councils joined Nick Wake and several members of our own council to rebound and mark the Xs and Os. You’ll find pictures of the competition included in this newsletter. Also check for these and other event pictures.

Our Blood Drive is an important recurring event, since every two seconds someone needs blood. The February event had 48 donors, the highest amount over the past year! Our Blood Drive team is a committed group, and we are thankful for their work. Thank you to all who donate blood and support life.

Another recurring council event with truly life changing implications is our commitment to Feed My Starving Children. Our 10 volunteers at the February session packed enough food for 28,512 meals, which will feed 78 children for one year. All made possible with one hour of donated time.

March kicks off with the Shamrock Shave on March 9th. Although this is not a Knights event, our members are involved in many ways. If you have never attended, consider going this year. Please lend your support to the “shavees” including our own brothers Greg Freund & Team Talia, Fr. Peter, Fr. Witold, Rob Pascolini, Dave Philipps, and Bob Dubiel.

We will hold not one, but two Fish Fries on March 15th and 29th. These dinners have become extremely popular, so we need all hands-on deck. We are working with a new supplier to improve the quality, and I heard that the menu has been tweaked to include some new premium fish options. Although it was touch and go with our annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny this year, we have worked out an arrangement to partner with the Youth Ministry on their Pancake Breakfast. This is another event where we can use volunteers, so please consider joining us.

Our council faces a large expense to equip our kitchen with an exhaust hood and fire suppression system. This equipment is a safety requirement mandated by the Algonquin-LITH Fire Department. We will discuss and vote on this in the March council meeting. Details can be found in this newsletter.

Looking ahead, mark your calendar for our annual anniversary dinner on April 6th.

A reminder that the date of our April general council meeting will be moving to Thursday April 11th. I hope to see you at our meeting on March 7th. Have a transformative Lenten season.

Vivat Jesus!

Dan Kotleba