March 2017 Newsletter

The Knightly News – Council 11091

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

Faith makes all things possible, not easy. 2017-03 Knightly News

I am writing this from a nondescript hotel room in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I have had a heck of a busy month, traveling and trying to succeed in today’s world of commerce.   Not complaining, quite the contrary. I am blessed to be busy. In the unsure world we live in, it is so important to remember that we all have struggles and many people would love to have mine.  It’s all in how you look at things that can make a significant difference.  There are many people in our Council, our Parish our community and our friends and family that have struggles.  I think that Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent is a really good time to see how we can help each other more.  I know that you and your families are all wonderful and kind hearted people, after all you are part of this wonderful giving Council.  Just take a moment and think if there is someone that could use a little help.  Let your fellow brothers know so we can try to help them as well. As a salesman, I have been trained the ABC rule…. Always Be Closing.  I am changing this rule for myself and my family to ABG… Always be Giving.

We as a Council have lots of activities coming up, including our first Fish Fry of the year this Friday night.  It is a great event with excellent food, and will be in newly renovated hall.  It takes a lot of Knights and their families quite a bit of planning, time and effort to make this event so successful.  I encourage to come and help us serve our community and make quick work of set up and clean up.  I believe there will be Knights there all day starting at 9 AM. If you show up, we will give you something to do….. Also invite your neighbors and friends.  It is an awesome deal at $12 per adult.

We have the annual Shamrock Shave coming up on the 11th.  This year has special significance for Council.  Team Talia is hoping to raise money for Talia Freund’s benefit.

Talia and her family have struggled financially due to her Sarcoma cancer.  Please try to come and support Greg as he shaves for Talia.  Also as many of you already know we serve all the food and it is not an easy task to serve so many meals.  We sure could use yours and your family’s help setting up, serving and cleaning up after the event.
Save the date…. Saturday April 1st is our 24th annual Anniversary Dinner.  It is a fun filled evening with a great dinner and great fellowship.  We hope you will join us.

There are quite a few excellent articles in this month’s Newsletter and I encourage to look at all the activities we have coming up.  We have lots of information on many upcoming events.

We welcomed two new Knights to our ranks this month. We are still 12 Knights away from our goal and I am asking that all you please keep in mind while being a Star Council is not our primary focus it sure would be another excellent achievement.  I thank you all for your efforts. Bless you and your families this Lenten season.  I am honored and humbled to serve you.

Vivat Jesus