June 2018 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

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Perhaps you have seen the notice in the church bulletin or heard the presentation by Rick and Peggy Orabutt about the traveling chalice program. If not, then, in short, it is a chalice that you can sign up to take home for a week to encourage prayer for vocations. Rick told me that the program has been well received and the chalice has been reserved for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019. Hopefully we will see the results of these prayers and it will encourage more men and women to enter religious life or marriage. But this program also got me thinking about religious life. There are certainly those who are called early and just know that they are destined to be ordained. But for others perhaps the calling is not as strong or is lost in the noise of a busy life. I think it is our responsibility as Catholics and as Knights to ask our young people if they would consider religious life. Maybe this begins a conversation, answers questions and relieves some anxieties. How many more people would pursue this life or at least consider it seriously if they were only asked? Would you have taken a different path if you had been asked? I ask myself this question now. Would I have been a good Priest? What if I had been asked as a youth, would I have asked questions and perhaps taken that path? It’s too late for me but not for our young people. It does not hurt to ask and maybe by asking, the Holy Spirit will intercede and we will be surprised by the answer
we receive.

Although May was a calm month in comparison to others it was busy with planning and pre-meetings for the rest of the year. With planning for the Family Picnic (June 2), Founder’s Days July 26-29), Car Show & BBQ and even the Christmas Tree Lot. There are so many events and committees that I hope you all will choose at least one to get involved with.

One of those stepping up is Marv Basch as the new Breakfast with Santa chair. I appreciate his taking on this role and as he and I discussed he is not alone as the past chairmen and committee are there to ensure the continued success of the event. So, if you have considered taking on an event as chair or as a director you do not have to worry about going it alone, we have your back.

June started strong with our Family Picnic on Saturday, June 2. The menu is expanded and everyone had a
great time. Next weekend is the State Kamporee in Lena, IL and I believe there may still be a few spots
open. June 21st is our Officers Installation and First Degree, all are welcome.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the June council
meeting on June 7 at 7:30 where we will elect our new slate of officer’s.

Vivat Jesus
Christopher Hubbuch