July 2017 Newsletter

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July 2017 Newsletter 

From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

In the June issue of Columbia I was reminded of an important fact. A study released in 2000 that found the strongest predictor of a child’s future church attendance is based on the father’s regular attendance to mass during the child’s formative years. The study found that between 66 and 75 percent of children whose fathers regularly attend church go on to become at least irregular churchgoers as adults, even if the mother does not practice.

Closer to home I had a Brother Knight make a statement that also stuck with me. His comment was what a strong influence we had on younger men of our parish. That we could be a fraternal organization and have fun but show by our words and actions that family is so important to us and that women should be treated with respect.

So as a Knight don’t forget that we are first and foremost Catholic gentlemen and this means that we should attend Mass every weekend and by our example and words encourage others whose faith may have wandered.

June has been a busy month as we kick off summer. Beginning with the state Kamporee. What a great time and as usual so well organized. Thank you to our Wagonmaster Tom Lambert and his assistant Scott Nejman. It was also great to have our officer installation during the camp out. It gave a chance for others to see our ceremony and to help us celebrate the beginning of our 25th year as a council. Congratulations to all our officers. Just one week later we had our annual council picnic. Thank you to all who came out and especially to our committee led by Dave Frendreiss. They really stepped it up this year with homemade pulled pork, baked beans and even fried eggs and avocado for the burgers. We also learned how much rain it takes before Dan Limbach will call it quits on playing one of his games.

I would certainly be remiss if I did not call out the happiest Knight in our council. The man who is so happy as he has earned the coveted “P”, as in PAST Grand Knight. Thank you to Scott Nejman for his great leadership and call to action for our council. His mantra of let’s stop talking about it and start doing led us to complete the renovation of McDonnell hall which is a major contribution to the parish and will benefit us all for many years to come.

As we kick off July we have a host of activities. July 15 is Adopt a Highway in the morning followed with repairs to the roof of the storage garages following that day. And then we end the month with Founders’ Days. Kicking off with the parade and then feeding thousands of hungry festival goers. Please read Kyle Nejman’s article later in this newsletter and sign up with him for a shift.

We are all busy but I ask that you plan to help with one of these events. Even if you can only make it for an hour or so. Bring your family, all of them. The kids will have fun and the wives can get a glimpse into all we do. Not only do we need your help but we would love to see you. Remember that participating not only will make you feel better, it also gives you a chance to talk to others about the great things the Knights do. Maybe you will talk another Catholic gentleman into joining our council as recruiting is the responsibility of all of us.

See you at Mass. God Bless.

Vivat Jesus

Christopher Hubbuch