January 2023 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight:

Worthy Brothers:

I hope the new year finds you and your family well. Another year has passed, and the Knights’ accomplishments continue to pile up. Despite a no-charge breakfast, we made a profit in line with previous breakfast events. The tree lot was a huge success, again. We sold out nativity sets and joy displays. It has been a great December and a great year.

But I buried the lead. Be a Knight before Christmas brought in four new brothers, including our very own pastor, Fr. ZiBi. With Fr. ZiBi was Michael Fioretti, Alex Gonzales (son of Chris), and Ofc. Mitch Slabinski. As you know or come to meet these gentlemen, please congratulate and welcome them to the order. I look forward to further recruiting and finishing the second half of my GK year strong.

Please join us in the next couple of events. Epiphany this year is a Friday. We will take down Nativity sets on Saturday, January 7th. A great event for new and experienced Knights alike. We work for an hour or two and usually go out for a little lunch. Watch for future emails with details.

Another exciting event is the free throw contest on January 21st. Once again, an opportunity for new and seasoned Knights alike. If you have the time, please come out to these fun events.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let’s make it a great year, personally and as a council. Onward and upward! Let’s recruit and passionately execute our mission of charity while exemplifying our virtues of unity, fraternity and patriotism.

Vivat Jesus,

Kevin Fitzgerald