January 2022 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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Even though Christmas is mostly in the history books, we all continue to receive gifts. Some gifts we notice, and some we may not. One gift that our council received this year was six new Knights! I could not be prouder of the efforts of our members, membership team, and degree team for welcoming them and their families into our council. As we near the halfway point in the Columbian year, there is still much to do. I invite all our members to become more involved in the events that we do. I have said it numerous times, give what time you can, one doesn’t need to devote their entire life to the Knights. We all deserve to spend time doing what we love, for some it’s spending time with family, for others, it might be a special hobby. Just like a work life, personal life balance, the same holds true for the Knights. I encourage everyone to pick one event and give it a try. Most of our events are only a day long. There are exceptions to that rule, Founders Day, and the Fish Frys come to mind, but one need not be at every fish fry, or every day at Founders. Many hands make for lite work. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d be willing to bet that some of
our members fondest memories have come from helping out at a Knights event. Speaking of events, we have some cool ones coming up. The Fish Fries will be here before you know it, and God willing the Shamrock Shave will happen this year. I realize that the Shave is not a Knights event, but we usually make the food, and contribute a few heads to be shorn as they say. Who can forget the free throw contest that is right around the corner! Again, I encourage anyone that is not currently involved in our council to pick an event, and come out, and hang with your brother Knights and their families.

Vivat Jesus!

Dave Campbell