January 2021 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:


I think everyone is happy to toss out the 2020 calendar and move on to a brand-new year. We all wish that the terrible virus would go away with the change in the date. If it were only that simple… 2021 does bring new hope that the virus will dissipate via the distribution of the vaccine and further discoveries in therapeutic treatments, but it won’t happen suddenly.

I think that the winter months of 2021 will prove to be the most difficult for some of our most vulnerable. I worry that the cold weather and the isolation will be depressing for all. I think that we can step up and help – just like we always do since we are Men of Action. I would like to propose a few things that we need Knights to help with:

Knights bi-weekly social hour
The general meeting on the first Thursday of the month and the officers meeting on the third Thursday are an opportunity for all to listen in and participate in what we are doing. I would like to propose that we have social meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month for the guys to be able to talk to your brother Knights about what is going on with you, what problems you are having that we can help with, to learn more about the vaccine distribution (I plan to get someone knowledgeable on the topic to talk about this at the first meeting and get everyone who is eligible signed up to get it), to hear a bit of spiritual reflection from our Priests and/or Deacons, and to just keep in touch with everyone. By the way, you guys with older dad Knights who might be technologically challenged, we will share a phone number that they could call into to participate (audio only) or you could stop by and get the Zoom call connected for them… You guys can go help anyone you know you needs help with the Zoom for that matter.

Nativity expansion project
Our Ultra-Knight© and PGK Ken Prigge is targeting turning the corner on the new year with a new focus on the CNC machine and what we can do with it. He is working with PGK Ed Henning on the software and how to use it. He’s investigating what other products that we could manufacture with this machine. I’m hoping to get an update from him at the officers meeting in January (Thursday the 21st) about this. I’m sure that he could use all sorts of help with this project. If you are up for doing something interesting in January instead of sitting around, let Ken know that you can help. I see this as a great opportunity get out and do something hands-on with the Knights this winter.

Magnet Help
Our magnet team has been working hard on our council’s biggest cash cow in the background for a long time. I want to see how we can get more people involved with this effort. There are plenty of opportunities to help either with physical work or even office type work from the comfort of your home. I will be asking PGK Dan Limbach to give an update on the program in the January general meeting and talk about where the team could use some new help. If you are not familiar with the interworking of the magnet program and want to learn more, send me or Dan an email and to hear more about it without any commitment.

Documentation of our Events
One of the first events that I ran for our council, I did not have a good set of notes from the previous chairman of the event due to a computer malfunction. Also, a few years earlier, I lost a year’s worth of family pictures due to a little boy’s mishandling of a laptop computer, so I am familiar with these types of electronic disappointments. During these winter months, I want to have every event chairman load any useful files on the council’s Google Drive so that none of the great work that you have done is lost and that our next chairman is well informed on your playbook. I’d also like everyone to identify a co-chair who could eventually take over the event when you decide it’s time to do that. I do not intend to be suggesting that anyone step down from their events, I’m just looking for us to be prepared just in case.

Monthly outdoor rosary
Lastly, I would like us to consider doing an outdoor rosary each month this winter. I would like for it to be said to end the terrible pandemic that we are in. I would like it to be in the evening and I believe that the colder and snowier the better. I have a PGK that I will be asking to head this up along with our monthly rosary chairman Rob Beyer.

We are patiently waiting for updated guidance from the Bishop on the latest virus guidelines. I personally do not expect any updates from the diocese until 2-3 weeks after New Year’s so that any increase in virus cases from the holidays can be understood. The next Friday Knight Takeout© (FKT) event and the Free Throw council event are dependent on loosening of the guidelines. The FKT will not happen as originally scheduled for Friday, January 15th. Hopefully, we will be able to do it in February.

We shall succeed in 2021 and that is because of you. You should know that the most important person in the council is you. The GK, the DGK, the FS, and the other officers all do specific things for the council, but the council is nothing without you. Use the changing of the year as a new beginning and decide to get involved with something more and new this year. I know that
I’m going to try a few new things at home myself. Hopefully, you’ll see a new lighter GK in the upcoming months…

Lastly, pay your dues so we don’t have to mail you an invoice and waste stamps. Imagine if we had to send one to everyone in the council. That would cost us over $150. Our recycling team buys and donates wheelchairs for that amount. You can take care of this with just one click. If you aren’t sure about how much you owe, click on the second link to ask FS Greg.

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Greg: mailto:gtofreund@yahoo.com?cc=dave@fre

Vivat Jesus!
Dave Frendreiss
GK Council 11091