February 2018 Newsletter

The Knightly News

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

We are a month into the new year, so how are you doing on the resolutions you made? Still exercising or laying off the sweets? Not too well? That’s OK, let’s all take a mulligan and make some new resolutions. Let us resolve to be better Knights and focus on four goals. Let’s resolve to pray more often, focus on charitable acts, become more involved with council activities and recruit at least one new brother.

Sounds easy enough, but so did giving up sweets. The trick is to make these things a habit and do a little every day until they become second nature. As a council, we have so many ways for you to get more involved and meet these goals. Attend a monthly prayer service for Brothers in Need or Rosary after the 7:00 Mass. Head to a Feed My Starving Children food packing event (we go every month), find an event you are passionate about (we have dozens or add you own) and invite a Catholic gentleman to an event and encourage him to join us. Let us all work towards these goals together and encourage each other so we are all successful.

January was a busy month despite the crazy cold temperatures. It all started with the brave souls who spent the morning taking down the community Nativity sets and Christmas lights. Thank you and I hope you have finally warmed up. Also thanks to the team who came back out to put away the tree lot trailers and restore McGivney to proper order.

Special thanks to Dan Limbach and the magnet committee on another great year. Dan and his team have added some great new features to the website, an email campaign and a cool PR/social media campaign featuring pictures of magnets around the world. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the committee is sitting still, it’s time to start pushing the “He Is Risen” magnets for the upcoming Easter season. Ask Dan how you can get involved.

Lastly, we resurrected an event we haven’t held in years, the pasta dinner. Thanks to Greg Haluczak for stepping up and taking this event on. It was great to hear some new ideas on running an event. Tying in with the Saint Vincent DePaul Society so people could sponsor a meal for someone in need was a great idea. Over 50 meals were sponsored, and this gave the Knights a chance to interact with folks we don’t normally get to dine with. Thanks to the whole team and I look forward to doing it again this fall.

I will be submitting different activities to state in hopes of receiving award(s) at the state convention. If you would like your event submitted, please contact me so we can fill out the forms for state. We do so many great events that we deserve to be recognized in front of councils from all over the state of Illinois.

We are also still in need of a Membership Director. This is a very important position and we really need someone to step up and take on this role. You will not be alone as the officers will be helping and guiding. Please come and talk to me if you are interested or have questions.

It may still be cold outside, but the kitchen will stay hot as our first of 3 Fish Fry’s start on Friday, Feb 16. (Mar 9 and Mar 23 are the next dates). We then bring back the Comedy Improv night on Sunday, Feb 18. So, come out and lend a hand and bring the family and friends and enjoy some good food, fraternity and comedy.


Vivat Jesus
Christopher Hubbuch