February 2014 Newsletter

The Knightly News – Council 11091

From the Grand Knight’s Desk

My Worthy Brother Knights!

Sunday February 2nd was the Feast of the Presentation. This is where Mary and Joseph took the infant Jesus to the temple to present him to the Lord as it was written in the Law. There were some comments from Deacon Howard Fischer’s homily from this day that caught my attention.

“First, this feast reminds us that we belong to God, we come from God and will return to God to give an account of our lives.”

“Do you and I recognize that we belong to God? Not only have we been brought into existence by Him, He has bought us back from sin and death through the sacrifice of His own Son! We owe Him everything. Do we live with this awareness? Do we present ourselves, our whole selves, to the Lord? Do our words, actions, and lifestyles give evidence that we belong to God or to the values of the culture around us?”

We recently completed our 2013 Fraternal Survey that outlines time spent in service to others for last year. Our “actions” accounted for over 17,700 hour in service to others in our community. These service hours are only a part of what we each present to Him, but it is still reassuring that we are doing something right. As we continue to serve others, we serve Him. Keep up the efforts in service to others this coming year!

New Insurance Agent for our Council
In January a new insurance agent was assigned to our council. Mr. Bill Signore will be working with Mr. Paul Kehoe and addressing the insurance needs of our council’s members. Bill may be reached at William.Signore@kofc.org. Paul Kehoe may also be reached at Paul.Kehoe@kofc.org or 815-669-3485.

Knights’ Gear
Some of you may be wondering where our Brother Knight Chris Hubbuch acquired some new apparel with the emblem of the Order and our council number. Well, it is right from the website, www.knightsgear.com. This is the website connected with Supreme’s website, www.kofc.org. There is a wide variety of items to choose from including t-shirts, dress shirts, jackets, hats, camouflage clothing, and even ice scrapers. When selecting an item you can choose to add the emblem of the Order and our council 11091 information. Check it out!

May God continue to bless you, your families, and the St. Margaret Mary community this coming month!

Vivat Jesus!
Mark Ostrowski, Grand Knight