December 2020 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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As we enter the Advent season culminating with the Birth of our Lord, it is interesting to see how we Knights have gotten busier than in previous months during the pandemic. We held a ceremony for our deceased brothers at the beginning of November. We had some brothers join the 4th degree later that week. We had Chris Hubbuch come up with a Friday Knight Takeout fundraising idea and we executed on it in the same month with outstanding results. We set up the Christmas tree lot and started selling Christmas tree before Thanksgiving right away since we’ve heard other
lots were already open. During Thanksgiving weekend, we started selling Christmas trees like crazy smashing the unofficial and undocumented records for Christmas tree sales in a day (54 on Saturday) and for the weekend (141: 41+54+46) leaving us with less than half of the Christmas trees still to be sold. We had brothers clean up the outside of parishioner Jerry Reich’s house as part of the new manpower event, we put up the large community nativity sets around town, and we decorated the friary. In the background, we are making more nativity sets, we are working on new fundraising ideas like Dine and Shares, we are still selling vocations raffle tickets, we still sell magnets online, and we voted to make a $20k donation to the parish to help with the cost of the new church doors. What’s funny is that I’m sure that I’m missing a few things because it’s hard to keep track of all the good that you are doing. You guys rock! Except for the face masks and the social distancing / lack of hugging, it’s hard to tell that our council got the message that there is a pandemic going on.

What do we do next? Well, we’ll see. Bishop Malloy has given us new guidance on gatherings. We are not allowed to do our meetings in person for the time being, so we’ll be meeting via Zoom for the general meetings and the officer’s meetings until further notice. This does not affect our ability to keep selling Christmas trees and wreathes at the Christmas tree lot. We are working on
whether to have our planned degree on Sunday, December 13th and determining if we will hold our December 20th blood drive in McDonnell Hall, in the Vitaliant blood drive trailer, or postponing it. In addition, we do not think that we can do our takeout food events under the new guidance, but we are planning for January event while praying for a loosening of the guidelines / progress with the virus. The Christmas party committee is thinking about replacing our party with some other Christmas time charitable donations but that is not finalized yet.

Michael Kouvelis has stepped up to be our council videographer and will be working on videos for recruiting. Patrick McCabe is going to be helping with some drone footage. We are still looking for a new degree team lead.

Please keep doing all the good things that you do!

Vivat Jesus!
Dave Frendreiss
GK Council 11091