December 2016 Newsletter

The Knightly News – Council 11091

december-2016-koc-newsletterFrom the Grand Knight’s Desk:

Put your heart , mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.
November has been an We purchased a new Food warmer as well.
amazing month for this Council.

We started out with a beautiful Deceased Brothers Mass and ceremony. Followed by further progress on McDonnell Hall renovations. We now have ceiling complete and new kitchen sink installed and new lighting in kitchen. Also we painted bathrooms and installed new partitions. We will be putting new kick plates and door handles in December. We are looking at new appliances for kitchen and moving stove to create a better flow. There is a new gas shut off valve and new lighting in the entrance. I am sure I am forgetting some of the work. We purchased a new Food warmer as well. Thanks to all who are working the project!

We then moved onto setting the tree lot. If you have not seen the tree lot, I encourage you to go and see (and work!) our lot. I believe it is the best looking and organized lot I have seen. Speaking for the Council I thank the Tree lot committee for their stellar efforts. I also know that tree sales are well ahead of last year. Hopefully we will sell out and need to buy more.

Adopt a Sailor was a great event this year. It was terrific to learn all about 15 basic Trainees lives and encourage and thank them for their service. We fed them until they could eat no more. The committee headed by no other than Tom McCabe did an exceptional job in providing comfort and a wholesome fun place for our young sailors to spend Thanksgiving. It never ceases to amaze me the transformation you see in them as the day progresses. Its events like these that make this Council so special. Thanks to all for your help!
Once again our faithful Nativity Set crew braved the elements and you will see their efforts all around town. Also construction of the yard Nativity sets is complete. Thanks to our worthy Nativity set Committee!

The magnet program continues to roll along. So far in November we shipped about 13,000 magnets. The Magnet committee will update on YTD at the General Meeting.
We have several really nice events coming up in December. Our Annual Christmas Party is on the 17th at McDonnell Hall. Watch your email for an invite and details. Breakfast with Santa is the following morning.

So wouldn’t you agree we are doing a great job as a Council. I sure think so and have never been prouder. You all humble me with your dedication and generosity and time.
With all this activity, I really could use some help with our one goal that is very daunting to say the least.
Our primary goals of this Council are helping others and not achieving Star Council. Getting this prestigious distinction is a wonderful thing none the less. We need 20 more new Knights and 7 insurance members to achieve this goal. At the last major degree which we hosted, we had no new First Degrees from our Council.

I believe The Knight Before Christmas event is Thursday December 15th at 8 PM in McDonnell. Would you please do me and the Council a personal favor and try to find a good brother or two. Every time we bring new Brothers into the Council it strengthens us and gives us new perspective. Thank you to all for your Help.

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas! I am truly grateful for your faith and trust in allowing me the honor of leading us this year.

Vivat Jesus,