December 2014 Newsletter

The Knightly News – Council 11091

From the Grand Knight’s Desk

My Worthy Brother Knights!

November was a huge month for our council, highlighted by the Adopt-a-Sailor Thanksgiving event, community Nativity setup, opening of the tree lot, flag football, blood drive, and more. Now that November is in our rear view mirror, and we’ve given thanks for all our blessings, we shift to the month of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our council celebrates this special month with many activities, which you can see in this newsletter.

It’s not uncommon to feel lost and out of control during the holidays. We become slaves to our calendars, with various work, social, family, and other personal obligations all vying for our time. Are we giving all of ourselves while undertaking the task at hand, or are we thinking about everything else we have on our plates? This month I’d like us all to consider having focus in all we do.

As we come to the end of another calendar year, we have an opportunity to examine our lives, and make plans for the future. December is a chance to focus on the things that are important to us – our faith, our family, our relationships, our career. God wants us to be happy and fulfilled, and through our parish, He provides ways for us to do so.

Adoration is a great way to focus on one’s faith completely, if only for an hour. While at mass, focus on the Word, the prayers, the songs, the homily, and Holy Communion. The Knights 7:30am rosary and the Prayer Service for Brothers in Need are also ideal times for focused prayer. If you are working at the tree lot, focus on serving the customer, and keeping everything in order. If you are at the Knights Family Christmas Party or at Breakfast with Santa this weekend, enjoy your time with family and friends, and live in the moment. December is also a good time to consider getting involved with new committees and projects within the council. 2015 promises to be another year packed with old events and new, as we continue to expand our programming.

December is also an opportunity to bring in new Brother Knights, in our annual Become a Knight Before Christmas ceremony. Bring your candidates to the Ministry Center at 7:30pm on December 18. It is a gift to our Order and to the new member.

Finally, we will be starting a formal mentoring program in 2015. This program will make our council stronger than ever, increasing retention and engagement. This dovetails with the new member social in January. Details to come soon.

See you Thursday night at our General Meeting. We start promptly at 7:30pm. And don’t forget to display your “Keep Christ in Christmas” magnet or decal (available at the tree lot).

Vivat Jesus!
Dan Limbach, Grand Knight