April 2017 Newsletter

The Knightly News – Council 11091

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

There are three ways to change the world: With your words…
With your deeds…
Or with your prayer.
I like to think that as good Catholics we should always work on all three ways.  This Lenten season please remember to pray for those in need. Help them if they need assistance and remember that we all have our own struggles.

I was on a plane yesterday when my Insurance Agency called. The lady I deal with is usually quite nice and always professional. We had planned together to make some changes to our business insurance. She has been gently reminding me for weeks to get this done. I was tired, aggravated and not happy that the big insurance company was putting me through my paces.

I was short and was complaining because I had a tough week. She in turn starting to be short with me. I realized that something was wrong. The first thing I did was let her know that I knew it was not her fault and that I truly appreciated all the work she did for us. I apologized and said it was no excuse but I was having a rough week. I then said, you seem to be having a rough day as well. What is wrong? Is there something I can help you with? She then started to cry. It seems her beloved 81-year-old mother was in the hospital fighting pneumonia and was getting worse. I told how sorry I was to hear this and that my 82-year-old Mom just went through the same thing and it is very hard to watch; we were fortunate that my Mom recovered and is now her usual Dizzy Lizzy self. I promised this very nice lady that I would pray for her beloved Mom named Francis and as a special favor to me, I am asking you to pray for her as well. Prayer makes a difference. Patience and empathy do too.

Another month is just flying by….  The Shamrock Shave and our first two Fish Frys are now history.  The new kitchen was utilized for both events and made things much more efficient.  We also had breakfast with Easter Bunny.

I want to thank all you who came out to support these events and all who volunteered many hours of service. It seems like these events just keep getting better.

We have our annual Anniversary Dinner coming up on April 1 at GCI and we hope you will plan on attending. This is a fun night where we recognize all the wonderful things our Council has accomplished and also give recognition to Knights and their families that exemplify service to others. Please join us for a fun evening. Contact Chris Hubbuch for further details.

We will be having a First degree on Thursday April 20th. We have several candidates already lined up but really could use a few more.  As it relates to our Star Council progress… we currently need 11 more Knights and 2 insurance members. While this is challenging, it is still possible for us to achieve. I would really like to make this a priority in the next several months. I thank you all in advance for your recruiting efforts.

We are in the preliminary planning stages of a new project for our Parish. We have been challenged by Kevin Wright and our Choir to make the choir area of the church more efficient and more importantly more comfortable for our choir. This is a great opportunity for us to do a highly visible project for our community and I am going to push to get this done sooner rather than later.

Thank you all for all you do. I am humbled.

Vivat Jesus