May 2018 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

From the Grand Knight’s Desk:

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What a very exciting and busy April we have had with our council. This 25th Anniversary year has truly been special and it is amazing as I look at the original charter to see how far we have grown, how many new members, how much we have raised and how much good we have done. Thank you to our charter Knight Tom McCabe and the charter members for taking the time and effort to recruit and go through all that was necessary to get our council activated. With over 300 members now we are a force in the state and with our numbers, we have the ability to do so many works of charity. It is not just me saying this, I was told recently by one of our state officers that council 11091 is the high mark for other councils. With all our events, our leadership, talents and ability to achieve great results we are poised to continue as an example to other councils for another 25 years.

I was very happy to see so many brothers, wives and dignitaries come out for the Anniversary Dinner. Dan and Lori Kotleba outdid themselves and hosted a very fine dinner and event. This was one of our largest turnouts with over 100 attendees and everyone had a wonderful time. For those that could not attend we presented numerous awards to some very deserving Brother Knights:

Rookie of the Year Phil Kopesdy
Senior of the Year Deacon Pat Maher
Family of the Year Rick Orabutt
Knight of the Year David Frendreiss
Lifetime Achievement Scott Nejman

Congratulations to these winners and thank you for all that you do. When you see them please add your congratulations.

This month was also the state convention in Springfield. We had three of our Brothers from our council attend, Dan Kotleba, Chris Burns and Mark Halper. At the presentation of awards our council received the state award for the Council Event of the Year. With over 500 councils in the state to win an award is really quite the honor. We received our award for the Christmas Tree Lot. The tree lot has grown into something much more than just a fundraiser and into a true community event with the addition of so many family focused events. Thank you to the entire council and all of you who have worked to make the tree lot event what it is today. Special thanks to the committee: Dave Frendreiss, Chris Burns, Rene Mendez and Michael Kouvalis.

May for our council is a little quieter but it is a month for us to take a breath from running actual events and to regroup and plan for all the summer and fall events. With the family picnic, state camporee, founder’s days, pasta dinner and more there is a lot to plan. If you have not joined a committee yet this is the time. Find an event that sounds interesting and get involved. Don’t see an event that you want to join, then let’s create a new one. New ideas and new blood is what has made our council so strong for the last 25 years and will continue to be our strength for the future.

Lastly please review the Officers Slate in the newsletter. These gentlemen have offered their time and talent to be your leadership and we will vote as a council at the June meeting. Please make every effort to join us for the June meeting.

YBIC, Vivat Jesus,

Christopher Hubbuch