July 2015 Newsletter

The Knightly News – Council 11091

From the Outgoing Grand Knight’s Desk

Worthy Brother Knights!

We’re headed full steam into a very busy summer. It’s a time of numerous Knights programs and activities. It’s also time for “Changing of the guard” in our council.

Congratulations to all our brothers who have been installed as our officers for the 2015-2016 fraternal year. Our council is in very good hands. Dan Perna will be an outstanding Grand Knight. His experience, leadership, and commitment to everything the Knights stand for makes him an ideal person for this important job. He is backed by a stellar group of officers. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish over the next 12 months. Please offer all our officers your support and encouragement.

I want to thank all of the Past Grand Knights whom I leaned on for advice and guidance throughout my year in the big chair. I want to thank our members, who never failed to step up when called upon. It never ceases to amaze me how this group can accomplish virtually anything it sets its sights on. From running successful programs, to recruiting new members, to handling the inevitable crises we face from time to time, our members are up to any task.

I also want to thank my family, Christine, Hayden, and Carleigh, for supporting me, and “loaning” me to the Knights for the many meetings, events, and other obligations that are part of the office. I want to thank our clergy and our parishioners for their support and cooperation. Our parish is a family, and when we work together, we are all at our best.

Finally, I want to thank God for giving me everything I needed to carry out the duties of the position to the best of my abilities, despite my limitations and flaws. With God, all things are possible.

I hope to see you at our meeting this Thursday, in support of our new officers and a new fraternal year for the Knights of Columbus.

Vivat Jesus!
Dan Limbach, Grand Knight

From the Incoming Grand Knight’s Desk

Worthy Brother Knights!

I am honored that you have placed your confidence in me to be your new Grand Knight. I ask for your prayers of wisdom, strength and humility and for your support as we journey together through the coming year. I am always inspired by the work and effort each of you put into making and keeping this council great by serving our parish and community. I would like to thank, first of all, our immediate Past Grand Knight Dan Limbach for his leadership and for all that he has shared with me. I also wish to thank all of the past and current officers for their contributions to the council over the last year. Thanks also go out to Rene and all of the crew that provided our council picnic after the installation ceremony.

The future success of our council is, as always, a team effort. We need to continue to engage more brother knights to attend meetings and involve themselves and their families in council activities, especially our newest members. Our mentorship program was put in place specifically for this reason. Please encourage any new knights or any knights you know to be less active to come join us in working and playing together for a common goal – charity.

As you know, a Supreme Court Decision on marriage was announced June 26, which the President of the US Bishops Conference called “a tragic error”. We don’t yet know what the future consequences of this decision will be on the way that we practice out faith. Please read more about this and the “Fortnight for Freedom” at http://usccb.org/. Please continue to pray, support, and act so that our religious liberties remain intact.

We have many opportunities in July to support our community, serve our parish, and fraternize with our brother knights and their families. We pray the Rosary after the 7:00 am mass on July 5; the Parish Family Picnic and Pig Roast is July 11; give the gift of life at the Blood Drive on July 12; and of course Founder’s Days runs July 23rd through the 26th. We have been selected as the Honoree of the festival. That means we will be presented with an award, will have a place at the front of the parade and will get the judge the dog and cat show and the bake-off. Please contribute your time and talents to one or all of these events.

As we enter the summer months with vacations and celebrations, please act responsibly and safely. May God bless you in your travels. I look forward to seeing you at our general meeting and at our upcoming events and activities.

Let’s make this another great Year!

Vivat Jesus!
Dan Perna, Grand Knight