April 2021 Newsletter

KOFC – Council 11091 Newsletter

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From the Grand Knight’s Desk:


As the Easter season ends, it’s gratifying to me to know that our council had a great season even during a pandemic. As we rounded the corner of the new year 3 months ago, I worried about our most vulnerable getting through this time but I have been most impressed about how well the council has performed despite all of the obstacles that the current situation presents us and helped so many people in need. We had our ups and downs (first fish fry) but we came out on top.

In April, we celebrate the anniversary of our council started by Tom McCabe 28 years ago and all of the good that we have done not just this year but over all of the years since inception. Our longer term (note that I didn’t say old…) Brothers have paved the way for the good that we have done this year with their efforts, forward thinking, and financial planning. Due to continued
restrictions in the state of Illinois, the anniversary dinner will only be open to 50 people at this time. It will also be streamed like our meetings though. We are hopeful that changes in the restrictions can still happen and that we can increase the number of attendees even at the last minute. We shall see what happens…

We have an [indoor] Rosary this coming Sunday the 11th (delayed due to Easter), a Dine and Share at McAlister’s on Wednesday the 14th, an Adopt-aHighway cleanup on Saturday, an Outdoor Rosary on Monday the 19th, and the Anniversary dinner on Saturday the 24th. This month, we are also selling services at Bella Vista in Algonquin as Mother’s Day gifts for your loved
ones. We are also continuing to work out big plans for our tailgates in the summer and working out the details for our booth at Founders Day festival, which is back on for this year! All the while, we are still working on other ways to raise money to do our good work (have an idea, please share it), we are ordering Christmas trees for the end of this year, we are looking for manpower event opportunities, and selling magnets. Even in a somewhat light month, you guys are busy with your charitable works.

Links of interest:
https://kofc11091.square.site/shop/mothers-day-bella-vita-spa-specials/6 –
Mother’s Day Gifts
https://kofc11091.square.site/shop/membership-dues/2 – Pay your dues

Vivat Jesus!
Dave Frendreiss
GK Council 11091